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Connecting Communities
One Small Business at a Time

At ReferredU, we’re on a mission to make supporting your favorite local businesses a rewarding experience. That’s why we’ve created a platform that makes it easy for you to discover and refer the best small businesses for both of your benefits.

Experience, Refer, Rewards

Our Three-Step Process For Making a Difference


Whether it’s your local coffee shop or small-town plumber, ReferredU starts with your story, your experience, and your satisfaction.


Easily refer your favorite small businesses to ReferredU, where they can be discovered and supported by others in your community.


From special discounts to recognition, ReferredU rewards you for your small business referrals and support.

About ReferredU

99.9% of businesses across the US are small businesses, employing over 60 million Americans nationwide.

That means… your support, your shopping habits, and your advocacy matters.

Founded by small business owners who understand the challenges of running a small business, ReferredU is dedicated to changing the way we support and discover local businesses. 

Unlike other business discovery/referral platforms, ReferredU focuses solely on the best small businesses in your community. We believe that by supporting and promoting local businesses, we can create a stronger and more thriving economy for everyone.

Who We Support

At ReferredU, we believe supporting hard-working small businesses knows no limits. Here are just a few types of businesses we love to stand by:

Child Care Services

Health and Beauty Services

Home Repair Serives

Restaurants and Bakeries

Pet Services

Retail Stores

Cafe’s and Breweries

Law and Financial

Benefits Beyond Referrals

Here’s how we’ll thank you (and your referral) for your support

The Community

Discover and Support Local Businesses Easily

From minority-owned to eco-friendly, you can support businesses that share your values

Filter by Industry, Location, Preferences, and Ratings

Have travel plans or rating preferences? Find the perfect business for you, wherever you go

Become a Trusted Member of the Referral Network

Earn badges, build your reputation, and become the go-to source for local business recommendations

Access Exclusive Discounts and Promotions

Enjoy special deals and perks from your favorite businesses, just for being a member of ReferredU

Help Your Favorite Small Businesses Thrive

Give back to your community and be a part of their success story

The Business

Get Discovered Anytime, Anywhere

ReferredU makes it easy for potential customers to find and support your business

Maximize Your Online Presence

Build a business page, showcase your reviews, and connect with your community

Enjoy Discounted Business Opportunities

From marketing and advertising to financial services, access exclusive deals from our trusted partners to help grow your business

Network With Other Business Owners

Meet and collaborate with other local business owners and share insights, strategies, and support

Connect with Your Referrals

Build customer loyalty through special promotions, rewards, and more

Own Your Own Small Business?

Get a satisfied customer to refer you! From exclusive benefits to increased exposure, ReferredU is the perfect way to grow your small business with a community that cares.

Ready To Make A Difference?

Join the ReferredU community today and start making an impact on the success of small businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is ReferredU’s platform launching?

The ReferredU team is working hard to ensure that you and your favorite business owners have a seamless experience on our platform. We are scheduled to launch in late 2024, and can't wait for you to join us!

Why should I make a referral?

Small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities, and they need our support now more than ever. By referring your favorite business to ReferredU, you can help them connect with potential customers and grow their business while earning rewards for yourself.

Are referrals anonymous?

All referrals made through ReferredU are completely anonymous unless you'd like to share your name with the business owner. Your privacy is important to us, and we want you to feel comfortable making referrals through our platform.

Since ReferredU hasn't launched, how will I know if my referral has been successful?

Once ReferredU launches, you'll be able to track your referrals and their success through our platform.

How can I track my referral rewards and badges?

ReferredU will have a personalized dashboard for each user, where you can track your referral rewards and badges earned. Once our platform launches, you'll be able to access this dashboard and see your progress.

My local business is not sure if they want to join ReferredU. Can I still make a referral?

Absolutely! You can make a referral for your local business and let them know about ReferredU and the benefits of joining our platform. Once we verify their business and their contact information, we'll be happy to connect with them and help them get set up on ReferredU.

Can I refer multiple businesses?

Yes, you can refer as many businesses as you'd like on ReferredU! The more businesses you refer, the more rewards and badges you can earn.

Can businesses refer themselves?

Businesses cannot refer themselves on ReferredU. Referrals must come from individuals who have had a positive experience with the business and want to recommend them to others. This is because our platform is based on authentic and genuine recommendations.

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